Project Description

What were the Client’s objectives?

The client came to KF Plastics and asked us to produce various elements for Clarins Skin Illusion Pop Up in department stores across the country. Clarins wanted to showcase and increase sales for the Skin Illusion Product within department stores the images featured here are taken in Myer Sydney.

How were the objectives met?

Working with Clarins KF Plastics produced a large dummy or factice of the hero product. Clarins wanted to attract attention to the pop and draw the customers in so they would be able to enquire further about the product and enable to staff to sell the product to potential customers. One the customer had been drawn to the pop up the actual product needed to be displayed in a clean, neat and easily accessible way.

Materials, design & construction

Product Factice/Dummy: Primarily made of clear acrylic with digital print on the inside with self adhesive vinyl and white spray painted top. This factice tested a wide variety of our fabrication skills including, thermoforming, cutting, gluing and finishing. We finished the bottle off with some in house vinyl cut lettering.

How many were manufactured?

For this campaign we produced 10 off

Life expectancy

This display was designed to be in store for only a matter of weeks and depending on the level of success elements would be reused as marketing or point of purchase materials in stores or moved to second tier stores.