Project Description

What were the Client’s objectives?

The client came to KF Plastics and asked us to produce a 1.2m tall vitamin bottle dummy product, also known as a factice for merchandising Go Healthy vitamins.. Go Healthy wanted to showcase a range of vitamins at a number of retail locations across the country. Popping up in various stores for a temporary promotion in each market.

How were the objectives met?

Working with Go Healthy, KF Plastics produced a large dummy or factice of the vitamin bottle complete with large size vitamins visible on the inside of the bottle. Go Healthy wanted to attract attention to the in store retail pop and draw the customers in so they would be able to pick up the product, read more about the brand and follow up with a purchase.

Materials, design & construction

Vitamin Bottle Dummy Product/Factice: Primarily made of Amber tint acrylic with digital print on the outside for the label. The lid was thermoformed in black acrylic to fit over the lid whilst the round tops and bottoms of the bottle were also thermoformed on site by KF Plastics. The vitamin pills inside were each fabricated by hand and spray painted white to give the impression that the bottle was full.  This factice tested a wide variety of our fabrication skills including, thermoforming, cutting, gluing and finishing. We finished the bottle off with custom made packaging unpack, store and transport across the country minimising the potential for damage.

How many were manufactured?

For this campaign we produced 1 off with a potential for more units in the next year.

Life expectancy

This display was designed to be in store for only a matter of weeks at a time and should last for several years depending on the care. It has been very successful and will be reused in a number or retail locations as required.