Plexiglas® Satinice

Plexiglas® Satinice

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The subtle surfaces of Plexiglas® Satinice and impressive array of colours allow your imagination to wander creating, enhancing any environment with light and colour. Resistant to traces of wear and finger marks, these products are technologically developed to also have the perfect balance between transmission and diffusion.

Whether for decorative glazing, privacy partitions, shelves, furniture or store fittings, or decorative architectural applications, Plexiglas will add brilliance to any display.


Acrylic sheet is half the weight of an equivalent glass panel and is more easily transport, installed and supported.

Weather Resistance

Acrylic sheet has an excellent resistance to the elements and will perform well outdoors. No significant change in visual appearance or physical performance should take place during ten years outdoors.


Acrylic sheet can be fully recycled back to its original monomer. For further information on recycling acrylic sheet please click here.



3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm


1525mm x 2030mm, 2440mm x 1220mm, 3050mm x 2030mm


Asfalto 7H08 DC, Black 9H01 SC, Bright Red 3C02 DC, Carbon 7C17 DC, Cherry 3C01 DC, Citrus 1C01 DC, Clear 0F00 SC, Coconut WH02 DC, Crystal 0F00 DC, Graphit 9H02 DC, Grass 6H55 DC, Gris 7H11 DC, Ice Blue 5H03 DC, Ice Green 6C03 DC, Ice Green 6C03 SC, Kiwi 6H07 DC, Laguna 5H74 DC, Lava 7H07 DC, Lollipop 4H12 DC, Mandarin 2H08 DC, Melon Red 3H04 DC, Orange 2C02 DC, Pacific 5H09 DC, Pine 6C01 DC, Plum 4H01 DC, Pumpkin 2H12 DC, Schwartz 9H01 SC, Sky Blue 5C01 DC, Snow WH10 SC, Strawberry 3C04 DC, Sunshine 1H17 DC, Terra 8C01 DC, Tomato 3H12 DC

Surface Finish

Double-sided matte finish, Single-sided matte finish