Perspex® Frost

Perspex® Frost

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PERSPEX® Frost is a quality material featuring a double-sided matte surface, which allows it to produce an effect likened to sandblasted or etched glass. After thermoforming the material retains its frosted texture, and this makes it a versatile product. It is of even greater appeal as it comes in a vast range of colours and shades. It’s often used for signage and point-of-sale products.





3mm, 6mm, 10mm


Arctic Blue S2 7T77, Azure Blue S2 7T1F, Burnt Orange S2 3T37, Charcoal Dusk/Slate Grey S2 9T23, Chilli Red S2 4T50, Citrus Yellow S2 2T07, Crystal Clear S2 000, Earth Brown S2 5T33, Electric Blue S2 7T69, Glacier Green S2 6T21, Lemon Sorbet S2 2T30, Lime Zest S2 6T94, Orange Crush/Mandarin Orange S2 3T17, Polar White S2 030, Raspberry Red S2 4T97, Saffron Yellow S2 2T53, Sandstone Brown S2 5T18, Sapphire Blue S2 7T28, Stone Grey S2 9T21, Violet Aurora S2 7T58


3050mm x 2030mm

Surface Finish

Double-sided matte finish