Grey Tint Polycarbonate Sheet

Grey Tint Polycarbonate sheet (also known as Makrolon®,  Pal-Sun or Lexan™) is highly resistant to impact and extremely versatile. When used for displays and signage, the sheets do not need any pre-treatment prior to printing or coating. This makes grey tint Polycarbonate Sheet ideal for signage and outdoor POS displays.

For outdoor uses, grey tint Polycarbonate Sheet can be supplied with a UV protective coating on both sides which gives it temperature resistance between -100°C to 120°C and protects from the material from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The UV coating also prevents yellowing that can occur with constant exposure to sunlight. The opal colour filters the sun and the heat directly, making this material highly durable and functional in outdoor applications.

Polycarbonate Sheet has over 200 times the strength of glass with half its weight. While easy to fabricate and highly adaptable to a variety of uses, the edges cannot be polished.

Polycarbonate Sheet vs Acrylic Sheet (Perspex®)

When choosing between Polycarbonate Sheet and Acrylic Sheet (Perspex®), consider how you wish to use them.

  • Strength – Polycarbonate Sheet is stronger than Acrylic Sheet. Both are lighter and stronger than untempered glass.
  • Impact Resistance – Polycarbonate Sheet is more impact resistant but easier to scratch than Acrylic Sheet.
  • Cost – Polycarbonate Sheet is more expensive than Acrylic Sheet.
  • Light Transmission – Polycarbonate sheet has 89% light transmission while Acrylic has 92%.
  • Clarity – Acrylic Sheet can be polished to restore clarity. It is difficult to do this with Polycarbonate Sheet.


  • Extremely high strength and impact resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Highly flexible so suitable for a variety of applications
  • Easy to cut and form for a variety of uses
  • Simple to decorate, coat or screen print without pre-treatment
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Suitable for use where safety and security are required
  • Able to withstand temperatures down to -100°C
  • Double-sided UV-coating options available
  • Abrasion resistant options also available
  • Durable and hard wearing with a 10 year guarantee on weather resistance (conditions apply)


  • Elevated sign masts
  • Architectural uses e.g. bus shelters and balcony glazing
  • Skylights and window glazing
  • Construction e.g. covered walkways, roof domes and barrel vaults
  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Noise reduction and sound insulation
  • Easy to cut and form in a variety of ways
  • Use as machine guards and other personal protection uses

Available Colours:


Polycarbonate sheet is completely recyclable with the ability to be re-granulated ready for manufacture.