Clear Acrylic Rod

Clear Acrylic Rod

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Clear acrylic rod (extruded) comes in lengths of 2000mm and you can purchase full lengths or we can cut it to size for you.

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Clear acrylic rod (Extruded)

Clear acrylic rod offers excellent light transmission and brilliance. It is characterised by almost flawless optical clarity and smooth surface finish. Acrylic rod is suitable for architectural interior and exterior lighting applications, decorative features, brand merchandising, store fixtures and displays. Clear acrylic rod comes in standard lengths of 2000mm and you can purchase full lengths. It can also be cut to size for you.

  • Outstanding weather resistance
  • Easy to machine and fabricate
  • Light weight (half the weight of glass)
  • 100% Recyclable

Typical applications:

  • Signage
  • Models
  • Displays
  • Crafts and DIY
  • Interior design
  • Event and food design
  • Staircase banister
  • Lighting design

Cast vs. Extruded Acrylic Rod

This information will help you decide whether Cast or Extruded acrylic rod is the right choice for your application.

  • Plastics using the casting process will have less built in stress, so the molecular weight will be higher and will machine better. Most acrylic sheets in Australia are made by the casting because of this reason.
  • Cast manufactured parts handle pressure better and are more resistant to heat and certain chemicals. If you are doing any drilling or tapping you will find that cast is slightly better. But extruded rod will handle the task almost as well.
  • Extruded acrylic rod is cheaper than cast acrylic rod because of the additional labour.
  • Cast material is when the polymer is poured into a mould. Extruded is when the polymer is pushed through a die in a machine. These results in extremely light extrusion lines in the clear material, this is the most obvious difference between the two types. But barely noticeable for most applications.
  • Cast acrylic rod is the polished after it is removed from the mould. This is a labour intensive process and this adds to the cost. Optical clarity is excellent in cast acrylic rod and is considered very good in extruded rod.


Extruded acrylic rod can be fully recycled.


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