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Acrylic Plinths

Acrylic Plinths

At KF Plastics, we offer a premium display product of  Acrylic Plinths for curated display requirements. Known for our high-end quality of materials, we make sure our plinths are the ideal display choice for showcase in exhibitions, museums and retail stores.


Our standard range of acrylic plinths, make a perfect display platform for any product. We produce a  premium product for your curated display requirements. They are the ideal display choice for showcasing items in exhibitions, museums and retail stores with our quality materials and finish.

Our plinths come in the range of different sizes and can be customised to your requirements. They suit a number of different customer and product requirements. Our plinths are able to support medium weights that can showcase your product, artefact or marketing material. We can also produce custom object holders to support your oddly shaped items on your plinth. You can also combine the plinth with our Acrylic Display Cases to enclose your item.


  • Our acrylic plinths come in wide variety of colours
  • High Durability
  • Custom sizes available to order
  • Different material options including MDF and timber.
  • Easy to be packed and transported


Our acrylic plinths are able to be fully illuminated with high quality LED’s to give a nice even glow and stand out from the crowd.


Digitally printing your acrylic plinth in full colour on all four sides is also possible to display your logo or advertising message.

Easy to clean and maintain

Acrylic sheets’ clean finish is not only helpful in terms of enhancing its appearance, but practically, the finish helps with an ease to clean and maintain in the long run. Like our sheets, acrylic plinths are also easy-to-clean with water combined with detergent or any household cleaning products.


Unlike glass or other materials, acrylic sheet is half the weight of a glass panel of the same size and is more easily transported, installed and supported. Therefore, this make our plinths very user-friendly.

Weather Resistance

Acrylic sheets have an excellent resistance to the elements and will perform well outdoors. No significant change in visual appearance or physical performance should take place for at least 10 years of being outdoors. At KF Plastics, our acrylic plinths go a long way if needed to be kept outside for any display purposes.


We believe in reusing and recovering our materials. Our acrylic sheets are fully recycled back to its original monomer. For further information on our recycling acrylic sheets please click here.