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Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic Display Cases

Best known to conserve, protect and showcase collectibles, sculptures, sporting memorabilia and other art pieces, our acrylic display/museum boxes are made for maximum security and protection.


Our standard range of acrylic display cases/museum boxes protect and showcase collectibles, sculptures, and art pieces. These cases are made to ensure a protective cover over your valued items. The craftsmanship of our display cases will ensure the highest quality finish and will make for a lasting and functional display.

Acrylic is a perfect material for art conservation due to its optical clarity, light weight and available UV-filtering, anti-static and scratch-resistant coatings. From simple acrylic display cases to customised museum cases, we offer a finish that best fits your requirements.

Our KF Join is a bubble free join that is extremely difficult to replicate, it is an additional cost but will have a lasting effect for commercial Museums and Art Galleries.


  • Large ranges of sizes and thicknesses to choose from.
  • Customising available e.g lockable, hinged access doors.
  • Bubble Free Joins and Standard Joins
  • Comes in a variety of colours.
  • Can feature internal lighting
  • Durable and shatter resistance


  • Protecting artefacts from sticky fingers
  • Museums – Art conservation
  • Exhibitions
  • Retail stores
  • Storage Cases

Optical Clarity

While glass has a slightly more green finish that could potentially distort the view, acrylics have excellent optical clarity with 92% transmission; giving them the advantage of better and clear views.


This makes it easier and cheaper for transportation.  It also is less likely to break if dropped amidst being transported.

Weather Resistance

Acrylic sheets and domes have excellent resistance to the elements and will perform well outdoors. Significant change in visual appearance or physical performance shouldn’t take place during at least ten years of being outdoors.


We believe in reusing and recovering our materials. Our acrylic sheets are fully recycled back to its original monomer. For further information on recycling acrylic sheet please click here.