Clear Acrylic Tube

Clear Acrylic Tube

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Clear Acrylic Tube

Our clear acrylic tubes deliver brilliant quality and superior performance and durability. They offer excellent light transmission, high surface hardness and are weather resistant, making them excellent for interior and exterior lighting, contemporary furniture, brand merchandising and store fixtures, plinths or decorative architectural features.

Clear acrylic tubes on this page are available with wall thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm  – the sizes listed show an OD and ID Full lengths come at 2000mm.

– The OD is the Outside Diameter of the acrylic tube in mm
– The ID is the Inside Diameter of the acrylic tube in mm

Typical applications:

  • Signage
  • Plinths
  • Models
  • Displays
  • Crafts and DIY
  • Interior design
  • Event and food design
  • Staircase banister
  • Lighting design

Clear acrylic tube comes in lengths of 2000mm and you can purchase full lengths or we can cut it to size for you.

Weather resistant

Extruded acrylic tube achieves high resistance to the elements making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Extruded clear acrylic tube can be fully recycled.


Dimensions N/A

5mm OD x 3mm ID, 6mm OD x 3.5mm ID, 6.5mm OD x 4mm ID, 7mm OD x 5mm ID, 8mm OD x 4mm ID, 10mm OD x 4mm ID, 10mm OD x 6mm ID, 10mm OD x 7mm ID, 12mm OD x 6mm ID, 12mm OD x 10mm ID, 12mm OD x 8mm ID, 13mm OD x 9mm ID, 15mm OD x 13mm ID, 15mm OD x 11mm ID, 16mm OD x 12mm ID, 20mm OD x 14mm ID, 20mm OD x 16mm ID, 25mm OD x 19mm ID, 25mm OD x 21mm ID, 30mm OD x 22mm ID, 30mm OD x 20mm ID, 30mm OD x 26mm ID, 30mm OD x 24mm ID, 38mm OD x 32mm ID, 40mm OD x 36mm ID, 40mm OD x 30mm ID, 40mm OD x 32mm ID, 40mm OD x 34mm ID, 50mm OD x 40mm ID, 50mm OD x 46mm ID, 50mm OD x 44mm ID, 60mm OD x 56mm ID, 60mm OD x 50mm ID, 60mm OD x 54mm ID, 70mm OD x 60mm ID, 70mm OD x 64mm ID, 80mm OD x 70mm ID, 80mm OD x 74mm ID, 90mm OD x 80mm ID, 90mm OD x 84mm ID, 100mm OD x 90mm ID, 100mm OD x 94mm ID, 110mm OD x 100mm ID, 110mm OD x 104mm ID, 120mm OD x 110mm ID, 120mm OD x 114mm ID, 133mm OD x 127mm ID, 133mm OD x 123mm ID, 150mm OD x 144mm ID, 150mm OD x 140mm ID, 180mm OD x 172mm ID, 200mm OD x 194mm ID, 200mm OD x 190mm ID, 230mm OD x 220mm ID, 250mm OD x 240mm ID, 300mm OD x 290mm ID, 400mm OD x 390mm ID, 450mm OD x 440mm ID, 500mm OD x 490mm ID