Project Description

Client Objectives

Christian Dior, approached us to take on the production of felt fabric clad display elements for the launch of their newest line of fragrance, Rouge Trafalgar at Daivd Jones Sydney. Their main aim behind the use of red clad fabric across the display elements was to represent the perfume’s use of red fruit such as blackcurrant and grapefruit. The brand also aimed to represent the famous Dior Red, an iconic Christian Dior colour through their in-store displays.  This helped create a unique showcase of their products while also complementing their usual display and packaging.

How were the objectives met?

The Dior fragrances were displayed on red felt clad acrylic display box that was installed into an existing fixture and pre prepared felt covered material was installed on the metal shelving store fixture. Having a tight turn around,  the acrylics were fabricated by our team in the factory and installed and styled into store before trade in a matter or hours.

Materials, Design and Construction

Fabricated primarily with white acrylic, foam PVC and red felt the production also involved digital printing the signage on matt acrylic and bending shelf supports for displaying the packaging.

How many were manufactured and where?

For this campaign, we only produced one display for the flagship David Jones Sydney store.  These were manufactured in our factory located in Silverwater, NSW.

Life Expectancy

The displays were designed to be in store as a temporary installation for approximately, 2 months.